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As a master cabinet maker, I have specialized in the production of split cane fly rods (single- and double-handed rods) as well as classy accessories. All rods and accessories are finely hand crafted by me. I attache great importance to quality in the selection of materials, the manufacturing process and also the processing.
Fly fisher men and women from all over the world are among his customers.
I am very happy to have fly fisher men and women from all over the world among my customers.

Apart from building new rods and some accessories I also offer a restoration and repair service for fly rods.

For building your own fly rods I can also supply you with handmade rod building components and/or rod building components from renowned manufacturers. Therefore please visit my online shop to be launched shortly.

Read on and learn more about RS-Flyfishing . Please feel free to contact me for questions and further information. Should you meet me at an event or fair regarding fly fishing, I will be pleased to talk to you. I look forward to your visit.

Yours, Robert Stroh